The Studio

Ian Drummond Collection Inc. is a Toronto, Canada-based production-friendly world-class wardrobe rental studio able to provide top-to-toe costuming for cast and background performers, and will ship worldwide with accurate paperwork a quick turnaround.

Ian’s 30+ years in working with vintage clothing and 20 years experience as a resource for the film industry means that the studio’s rental system is designed to offer costume designers and stylists a wearable and screen-ready collection in a comfortable, clean, organized and climate controlled environment, with easy-to-understand paperwork for accounting purposes and a friendly, efficient staff.

His knowledge of what works in the industry is unsurpassed. His personal experience in other rental houses and as an Assistant Costume Designer and Background Coordinator is apparent in every aspect of the business. Ian and his staff are understanding of the pressure that designers, stylists and industry professionals are under, and take pride in being available, responsive and flexible to their needs.

For those sourcing in Toronto, the 10,000 square foot studio is essentially a hybrid between a store and a warehouse, with each aisle individually lit and the clothing under drops sheets for protection from fading and dust. Over 30,000 pieces of clothing have been entered into a computerized numerical inventory system. Each garment is individually labeled and includes the gender, decade and size making it easier for costume coordinators to organize their rental stock.

Ian’s work as an Assistant Costume Designer and Background Coordinator allows the studio to pull confidently for a production with accurate, well-chosen and top-quality results. The staff can provide clean, crisp images with all the information needed to work with the Ian Drummond Collection from across the world. The studio’s experience with providing this service guarantees a smooth transaction.

The Ian Drummond Collection Inc.’s movie and TV wardrobe rental studio is open to Industry Professionals from 9-5 Monday through Friday, or by appointment.

Hours:  Monday to Friday 9-5pm or by Appointment

222 Islington Avenue, Unit 8
Toronto, Ontario, M8V 3W7

Telephone: 416.531.2591
Fax: 416.531.1969


Photo: Nick Kozak for The Toronto Star

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Shoe Monday!

Shoe Monday! Ian is caught putting away the baskets and baskets of shoes that recently returned from their rental to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Did we just read there'll be two more movies in the series? We'll be ready!
Shoe Monday! Ian is caught putting away the baskets and baskets of shoes that recently returned from their rental to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Did we just read there’ll be two more movies in the series? We’ll be ready!



Born to be Blue

Out in theatres this weekend, Born to be Blue is getting good buzz and great reviews. We thoroughly enjoyed having Anne Dixon pull from us – her choices are interesting and thoughtful, and we are always eager to see how it all gets put together. It’s always an honour to be able to help her. We can’t wait to play “Spot IDC’s Clothing” when we see the movie!

Born to be Blue movie poster

“Tell a Story Without Shouting”

Ian Drummond in Studio with Wardrobe Items
Ian Drummond in Studio, in the foreground, “character” fedoras just returned from “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”

For those of you who love Ian, but not enough to wake up at 6 am to catch him on Breakfast Television, we have this clip for you! It’s also nice to see our friends Jonathan Walford from the Fashion History Museum (Ian’s on the Advisory Board) and Cindy from Luxe Touch in the clip too, all together giving viewers (and Frankie Flowers) the idea that there’s a LOT to look forward to at the Toronto Vintage Clothing Show.

Ian with Frankie Flowers on Breakfast Television Friday March 4 2016
Screen Grab Ian with Frankie Flowers on Breakfast Television Friday March 4 2016

And what a nice conversation Ian and Mary Ito had about the work it takes to “tell a story without shouting” when costuming a movie!

Listen here to Ian and Mary Ito having a conversation on CBC’s Fresh Air about what a difference costuming can make in a movie.

Ian Drummond and Mary Ito of CBC's Fresh Air stand with two wardrobe outfits worn in Dark Shadows and Bomb Girls

Ian Drummond and Mary Ito of CBC’s Fresh Air stand with two wardrobe outfits worn in Dark Shadows and Bomb Girls

They covered the myriad choices and decisions to be made; the buying, the building and the breaking down — and best of all, Ian’s specialty: Having a vast quantity and untold choices of genuine period clothing available to wardrobe designers around the world.

Be it glamour gal outfits for Michelle Pfeiffer in Dark Shadows, or war-era day wear for Bomb Girls, there are choices upon choices in this amazing 10,000 square foot studio is right here in Toronto, holding thousands and thousands of pieces of vintage clothing for locally-filmed movies from years ago like “Chicago,” “Hairspray (2007)” and  “Cinderella Man,” and for current Oscar Winners like “Spotlight” and “Room” – not to mention for great things on the horizon such as “Suicide Squad” and  “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.”

Ian Drummond Collection: Rental to Spotlight Collage

Ian Drummond Collection often provides wardrobe for flashback scenes in movie and tv shows (lately, 11-22-63 and Fargo), and has an quality children’s vintage clothing selection – a real rarity!

From Entertainment Weekly, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them showing Background Characters wearing clothing from Ian Drummond Collection
From Entertainment Weekly, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them showing Background Characters wearing clothing from Ian Drummond Collection

When Ian talks about how great it is to find a dress that that’s been worn, patched, frayed, faded and not faked – it can look something like this:

Ian Drummond Collection Vintage Movie Wardrobe Rental 30s Dustbowl DressThese are the items that when Ian is looking through Estates for gorgeous, high-end clothing for movie and television production that’s he’s just as happy, if not happier to find.

And as he mentioned in his segment, what can’t be used for the rental stock and what might need to move along  ends up at fantastic vintage clothing shows, such as this coming weekend’s Toronto Vintage Clothing Show and Toronto Antique & Vintage Market.

Make sure to sign up for a discount coupon and email reminder – because you don’t want to miss this event!

March 5 & 6, 2016

Saturday 10am-5pm & Sunday 10am-4pm
Admission $10 (cash only)
Queen Elizabeth Building at Exhibition Place
180 Princes’ Blvd.  (just west of BMO Field)
Toronto, ON  M6K 3C3

IDC Provided Most items from the 1900s-1970s for this!

22 Minutes salutes 100 years of Canadian beauty…which is tough because it’s FREEZING OUTSIDE!

Posted by This Hour Has 22 Minutes on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Posted by This Hour Has 22 Minutes on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Ian Drummond Collection is always available for retail via Etsy and currently at the Arts Market 846 College St Toronto

Ian Drummond Collection isn’t doing as many flea markets/antique shows/events these days – we’re too busy with film work, and that’s as it should be!

While we do have our three big shows to look forward to, the Toronto Vintage Clothing Show, the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show and the Spring Christie Antique Show, we need to keep things moving. So we’ve taken a space at the Arts Market on College, and there’s always ETSY.

But, for a rare treat, a fun night will be had at the Gladstone Hotel’s Boozaar: Vintage Night Market from 7 – 11PM, on Thursday Feb 24th.

Booze and peruse the Gladstone Hotel’s BOOZAAR Vintage Night Market. Hunt through heaps of vintage/ retro/ repro clothing, accessories, antique and vinyl whilst grooving to DJ tunes and boozing with the thriftiest vintage collectors in the city.

Live Music from Bossa Tres 6-9PM
Psychedelic Dj Set by the mysterious DYLAN THOMPSON 9-11PM

~ 7-11pm in the ballroom ~

No Cover.
Special vintage cocktails to be had.
Drinking and dancing will be encouraged.

Gladstone Hotel Boozaar: Vintage NIght Market Feb 24 2016

Spilling on clothing, either yours or the vendors is NOT encouraged – but we’re big fans of those who like to booze and peruse — they make the most fun purchases.  We’ll bring some great choices that you won’t regret in the morning.

Sell to Us

The Ian Drummond Collection Inc. is always looking to add to our rental stock for film, television and commercial work.

Collections such as this are built over time. It can happen piece by piece or the purchase of entire estates.

Ian shops vintage and antique shows, auctions, estates and referrals. He works with home organizers—please consider him if you are downsizing.

To get started, feel free to give us a call  or fill out the form below and allow us to get back to you.

What is helpful:

Simply put is fine: 5 coats, 7 dresses, 3 sweaters, from 1930s-1960s, 20 fashion magazines from the 1950s,

Waist size in inches is the most helpful measurement for women’s clothing; Chest size and inseam for men.   Shoe sizes are also helpful.

If pictures can be provided, they’re helpful. Even a quick snap of the clothing hanging in the closet is useful information for us.

Please click here to see helpful information about how to send us images of your items.

Please attach photos of items here.

Ian will still need to view the items in person. We will do our best to get in touch with you as soon as possible, and if there’s interest, will make arrangements to meet to examine the items and discuss their sale.

Ian prefers to purchase items outright – we do not operate on a consignment basis.

The collection  is comprised of 20th century men’s’ women’s and children’s wardrobe items, from underwear to outerwear. It includes accessories such as hats, shoes, purses, jewelry, gloves – really, any accoutrements that can be worn or carried, or that can dress a closet.  Surprisingly, those broken-down coveralls in the garage or grandma’s faded housedress can be just as desirable as party dresses and office wear.

Not every item needs to be pristine – we outfit “characters” as well, or have samples of certain items available for patterns or for set decoration.  Beyond wardrobe items, Ian has a penchant for fine vintage heirloom linens and textiles, beautiful hatboxes, and vintage sewing notions and patterns.

You’re invited to present us with anything you think might fall under our umbrella. Our buying needs vary depending on what is filming; what needs replacing; what’s currently stylish etc. Please note that we concentrate our buying in the period before the 1970s, and in the 80s and 90s our needs are more specific.

Our sources are often surprised by what is of interest to us. So, try us.  As Ian often says, “I need to see everything. Let me decide.”


New Year, New News!

Ian Drummond Collection IDC Vintage Arts Market 846 College Street Toronto

If you were following us on Instagram, you’d have gotten this news sooner! In Instagram speak:

@idcvintage has taken a spot at @artsmarket ‘s 846 College Street location in Toronto! Soft opening for us this weekend – we’ve dressed our space, though we still need “hair and makeup.” Look for fresh stock now and every week, and fun finds beyond our @etsy shops and usual vintage clothing shows. There’s a dressing room, other vendors to enjoy, great hours and every form of payment accepted. You wanted us, you got us, friends and fans!
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Arts Market at 846 College Street Toronto photo by Vlade Shestakov for Blog TO

It’s true.

We needed a space to spread out a bit, between shows and beyond the studio, and the Arts Market at 846 College welcomed us.

At the Arts Market (read about it at BlogTO) we’ll be bringing stock that doesn’t come to shows like the Toronto Vintage Clothing Show (and the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show, and Christie Antique Show…and… and…) or at our Etsy shop Ian Drummond Vintage.

Ian Drummond Collection at Arts Market on 846 College StreetP1140237P1140280P1140108

And there’s  menswear too – of course!


We’re looking forward to many opportunities to let go of the great things we find that come along with the entire estates we buy, that don’t work for movies, or that just need to be worn and enjoyed rather than languishing in our very full stock rental racks.

The Arts Market provides space, staff, great hours, a dressing room, and accepts every form of payment. It’s near other great shops, and we’ll have great vendors for neighbours. There are even opportunities for special events and sales. It’s a win/win for all of us!

See you there sometime?

May Your Days be Merry and Bright!

But we’re okay without the white Christmases – they’re hard on the shoes.

Warm wishes for all the best from Ian Drummond Collection

Warm wishes for all the best in the New Year, and thank you for all the goodwill in 2015.


Ian, Marla, Erin, Kate, and Andréa
at Ian Drummond Collection

“I think that’s 1949 for ‘your shoes look like they were made for a hooker’…”

Gainsborough Shoes designed by Jack Rimler at Ian Drummond Vintage Etsy Shop
Gainsborough Shoes designed by Jack Rimler at Ian Drummond Vintage Etsy Shop

We’re fans of pretty footwear as much as anyone, but some “float our boat” more than others. Gainsborough shoes, as described in a post by Jonathan Walford of the Fashion History Museum (Ian is on the Advisory Board) are in a league of their own, and were designed to be. Jonathan kindly references a link from a reader, where he  found that

Jack Rimler was the creator and designer of Gainsborough shoes. The shop apparently had a leopard decorated salon, and his shoes started at around $37.50 – not inexpensive. The writer asked Rimler if he thought his shoes were in good taste – to which Rimler said he considered himself one of the few who had dared to give a ‘new look’ to shoe fashions and that many of today’s better shoe salons were lacking fashion foresight. In his opinion, his shoes were as much a part of the high fashion scene as Christian Dior. “I do not create for the housewife, the rural country club woman nor the average woman who boasts only one pair of dress shoes.” The article then takes a bizarre turn regarding the morals of the women who wear his shoes – I think that’s 1949 for ‘your shoes look like they were made for a hooker’ which Rimler refuses to discuss. The writer of the article concludes that although his shoes may not be in the best of taste, that they are beautifully made of the finest materials.

Ian Drummond Collection Gainsborough Shoes Detail Ian Drummond Collection Gainsborough Shoes signature Ian Drummond Collection Gainsborough Shoes Toe Detail 1 Ian Drummond Collection Gainsborough Shoes topa nd side view

And so it’s nice to have these in our hands even for just a little while, as they’re listed in our Etsy shop – and we’ve just found a few more pretty pairs that are soon to be decommissioned from movie wardrobe rental stock to join them there.


Vintage Clothing, Footwear, Jewelry and Accessories from the 1890s-1990s for Film, Television and Media rental to Industry Professionals