May Your Days be Merry and Bright!

But we’re okay without the white Christmases – they’re hard on the shoes.

Warm wishes for all the best from Ian Drummond Collection

Warm wishes for all the best in the New Year, and thank you for all the goodwill in 2015.


Ian, Marla, Erin, Kate, and Andréa
at Ian Drummond Collection

“I think that’s 1949 for ‘your shoes look like they were made for a hooker’…”

Gainsborough Shoes designed by Jack Rimler at Ian Drummond Vintage Etsy Shop
Gainsborough Shoes designed by Jack Rimler at Ian Drummond Vintage Etsy Shop

We’re fans of pretty footwear as much as anyone, but some “float our boat” more than others. Gainsborough shoes, as described in a post by Jonathan Walford of the Fashion History Museum (Ian is on the Advisory Board) are in a league of their own, and were designed to be. Jonathan kindly references a link from a reader, where he  found that

Jack Rimler was the creator and designer of Gainsborough shoes. The shop apparently had a leopard decorated salon, and his shoes started at around $37.50 – not inexpensive. The writer asked Rimler if he thought his shoes were in good taste – to which Rimler said he considered himself one of the few who had dared to give a ‘new look’ to shoe fashions and that many of today’s better shoe salons were lacking fashion foresight. In his opinion, his shoes were as much a part of the high fashion scene as Christian Dior. “I do not create for the housewife, the rural country club woman nor the average woman who boasts only one pair of dress shoes.” The article then takes a bizarre turn regarding the morals of the women who wear his shoes – I think that’s 1949 for ‘your shoes look like they were made for a hooker’ which Rimler refuses to discuss. The writer of the article concludes that although his shoes may not be in the best of taste, that they are beautifully made of the finest materials.

Ian Drummond Collection Gainsborough Shoes Detail Ian Drummond Collection Gainsborough Shoes signature Ian Drummond Collection Gainsborough Shoes Toe Detail 1 Ian Drummond Collection Gainsborough Shoes topa nd side view

And so it’s nice to have these in our hands even for just a little while, as they’re listed in our Etsy shop – and we’ve just found a few more pretty pairs that are soon to be decommissioned from movie wardrobe rental stock to join them there.


Fresh Stock in 20s/30s Items

A rack of fresh stock for our 20s and 30s collection at Ian Drummond Collection
Fresh Stock from the 1920s and 1930s

Ian can’t go back in time to buy things, but the next best thing is finding a time capsule. Thank goodness for collectors who found good stock years ago, bought the best they could, maintained it well, and who are now happy for it to have a chance at stardom with us.

Look for images of these items to come in our galleries and social media outlets.

Wonderful Old Fabric Coming to Ian Drummond Vintage

First, Ian hunts it down. Sometimes it wanders in.
Then we get to it when we get to it.
Then it needs to be photographed.
After that, it needs to be measured.
While we’re measuring, the condition needs to be noted.
Then it’s time for folding it.
Then we think about what there is to say about it.
Then we need to provide the information, and put it out into the world.

Vintage Fabric from the Ian Drummond Stash Etsy Shop

So it went with the vintage fabric destined for Etsy shop this week.

All that’s left is to enjoy it while it’s here until it’s time to wish it well as we send it on its way.

Upcoming Sale – the Gladstone Hotel’s BOOZAAR Vintage Night Market

The Gladstone Hotel’s BOOZAAR Vintage Night Market – a rare evening appearance for IDC!

The Gladstone Hotel's BOOZAAR Vintage Night Market - a rare evening appearance for IDC!

The Ian Drummond Collection will be participating in the Gladstone Hotel‘s BOOZAAR Vintage Night Market TOMORROW NIGHT – Wednesday, November 25. We are perhaps getting down here in the studio this morning listening to this mix while we *get this* mark down racks of clothing and accessories for the sale. We’ve got your party clothes for the season covered, plus some wearable and affordable daywear, and some great wooly blankets for snowy afternoon hangover naps. It’s going to be a great event – are you thinking of going?

Items coming with IDC to the Gladstone Hotel's BOOZAAR vintage night market

Untitled Projects, and How We Work With Them

Over the summer we received a request to send images of our 1930s hats to the wardrobe department for a feature filming in New York City.  We’re always happy to oblige – Ian’s collection of hats is world-class, but they don’t get as many chances to shine as we’d like.

Ian Drummond Collection's Hats as stored in the studio
The Ian Drummond Collection Wall of Hat Boxes

The Studio, which is kept dark and covered to protect the collection, houses veritable treasures in plain brown wrappers.

Ian Drummond Collection's Images of Period Hats
Ian Drummond Collection 1920s Hats 2

While we’re always adding to the galleries on this website, when a designer asks for images, we take clear, bright shots and get them out as quickly as possible, sent according to their preference, which may be via Imgur…

Ian Drummond Collection 1920s Hats on Imgur with Inventory Numbers and Measurements
Ian Drummond Collection
1920s Hats on Imgur with
Inventory Numbers and Measurements

or Dropbox

Ian Drummond Collection's Hats as sent via Dropbox
Ian Drummond Collection’s Hats as sent via Dropbox

or even Pinterest.

Ian Drummond Collection 1930s 1940s Hats as they appear on Pinterest
Ian Drummond Collection 1930s and 1940s Hats as they appear on Pinterest

When taking pictures, we may as well do it well, so we capture the hats from every angle, so as to provide as much detail as a designer would like to see.

Ian Drummond Collection Reference Images of Hats
Ian Drummond Collection Reference Images of Hats

This serves us so well. Eventually the images will end up collaged and in the galleries on this website, and they’re well-labelled and easy to send to designers for future requests.

Ian Drummond Collection 1940s Hat Collaged
Ian Drummond Collection 1940s Hat Collaged

Adding the inventory numbers and measurements is no trouble, though most designers simply send us screen grabs of the items they’d like us to pull and send, and Ian takes care that we only rent wearable sizes (or note carefully if, say, hats are smaller than 22″.)

Of course, the same goes for clothing.

Ian Drummond Collection 1930s Sweater Set with Hat
Ian Drummond Collection 1930s Sweater Set with Hat

Once the designer makes their choices, we carefully package the items, and provide detailed inventory lists. At least 80% of our stock has inventory numbers and clear labels for ease of checking off items upon arrival, and for returning them when it’s time to wrap things up.

Ian Drummond Collection Sample Label
Ian Drummond Collection Sample Label

Our paperwork is designed to allow for easy border crossings, and we’re experienced at shipping world-wide.

In fact, it feels really good to tick those boxes, copy those pages for the manifests, and then track the boxes and e-crates as they make their way all over the world.

Ian Drummond Collection's Facebook Post about shipping an E-Crate
Ian Drummond Collection’s Facebook Post about shipping an E-Crate

This shipment left us on July 13, and made its way home yesterday.  In it was a simple hat that’s always been a good worker for us.

Ian Drummond Collection 1930s Navy Felt Hat
Ian Drummond Collection 1930s Navy Felt Hat

This hat is known to us as 2-13-12-1-76, and it’s simple, but lovely. It’s felt, in a midnight navy colour, with a grosgrain ribbon binding and trim, and a simple twist of a bow. It’s all in the shape, and the angles, and it’s extremely face-flattering.

Now, we know which film this was used in and that’s exciting enough. And certain stars in it are certainly getting a lot of buzz. It’s nice enough that many our stock items travel far and do amazing things; it’s wonderful when we catch them on screen. But there’s always an increased level of pride and excitement when something of ours ends up on a principal character.

So, we’re not going to blurt it out now, but lets just say that we’re going to be looking carefully to see this hat on a certain star, after catching her name below this Wardrobe Department notation on this label, which was left tucked inside the hat band.

Ian Drummond Collection Wardrobe Department Label in Hat
Ian Drummond Collection Wardrobe Department Label in Hat

Let us know if you guess who it is, but we’ll happily reveal this in 2016, upon the film’s release.  After all, we’re discreet, even when we haven’t signed a confidentiality agreement. It’s just another part of what we do.

The Silence of the Moths


It’s “Check the Moth Traps” week at Ian Drummond Collection! It’s a regrettable part of the business of caring for vintage clothing – we are extremely vigilant, and it’s a constant battle. We are always saddened by damage and losses.

The best method we use is prevention – we check items carefully before they come in, and everything is kept as clean as possible. Yes, good housekeeping prevents moths. For a 10,000 square foot warehouse with thousands upon thousands of edible items, we have very few problems, though they do occasionally happen.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 11.46.05 AM

Traps only kill the adult moths – the ones we use collect adult moths using pheromones. They think it’s sexy time, but then… DEATH. We purchase the Aeroxon traps from Wotever, Inc.   It’s when we see bodies in them that we know we have to look around for what they were doing, and usually they were doing the nasty. The resulting problem is then two part – adult prevention, and also larvae-cide.

The dry/wetcleaning process, freezing and heat are some of the methods that kill larvae (we are bringing a chest freezer in as another preventative measure), and another tool in the (vintage, perfectly distressed “character” wardrobe) belt  is the dry ice method.  Adult moths are susceptible to various chemical and natural oil options, used in certain concentrations. It’s hard to be truly moth-proof – even if we have the most amazing New Old Stock wool sweaters that make that claim.


Vintage Label for a Glenayr Kitten Sweater
Vintage Label for a Glenayr Kitten Sweater at Ian Drummond Collection

Truly, constant vigilance is key. Every time we touch something – especially a gorgeous “purrfectly soft” vintage sweater in amazing condition, moth traces are one of the things we look for.  So we offer this post as reminder: You should probably attend to pest prevention in your home soon too – after all, it’s cashmere season!


Character Shoes

We do love our “character” items here at Ian Drummond Collection.


"Character" boots - Vintage Children's lace-up ankle boots available for rental from Ian Drummond Collection
“Character” boots – Vintage Children’s lace-up ankle boots available for rental from Ian Drummond Collection

These vintage children’s lace-up ankle boots are one of the many pairs we have in stock, though there are few in this particular size.

That’s why we wanted to document these in their tattered glory. They’ll likely be polished up a little in the production they went out to this past Friday, and it’ll take them a few more rentals to get back to being perfectly broken down again. But that’s the nature of what we call our “living” collection! Our items, while vintage and valuable  because of how they work for us, more than for their worth in the world of antiques, are worn and altered and adjusted to make them work for the production they’ve been rented for.

When Ian shops clothing shows and vintage stores and flea markets, and estates these are the things he looks to buy, as much as evening gowns and fabulous hats and luxurious furs!

Spotlight on Wardrobe


At Ian Drummond Collection, we’re always interested in catching items we rent in action on the screen.

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 12.21.13 PM

We have a different perspective when watching though – we know that wardrobe is a form of communication, and can hardly relax for our constant inner observations and analysis.


This weekend, the movie Spotlight hits theatres, and we provided a good deal of 1970s clothing for the flashbacks. Nothing speaks of the period quite like tan and brown acrylic sweaters, right?


But today, hearing all the great publicity it’s getting and being old enough to remember the story as it broke, we took a minute to pull our sweater that we glimpsed in the trailer.  All we can think upon having a closer look at it was:  That’s a 26″ chest. Those children whose stories are being told were so small and young.


Good work, movie makers. Thank you, Wardrobe Department.

The Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show – This Weekend!

Vintage 1970s Harridge's London Sweater
Vintage 1970s Harridge’s London Sweater

This weekend Ian is at the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show! It should be one amazing day – and he promised when he spoke with Alan Neal of CBC Ottawa Radio’s All in a Day, he’s bringing the items pictured here.

But that’s not because they’re the best, most expensive, or most desirable labels we have – it’s because what we do well at shows such as this is to have wearable items that are relevant to contemporary fashion. These items reference the Fall 2015 Collections from Balmain for H&M, Givenchy, Dries Van Noten among others.

Victorian and Gothic-inspired items have a dark allure for those who live in winter cities – these items just need fashion-savvy people to make them their own.

Catching trends on the upswing is easy with vintage – this winter you can wear things on the cutting edge of yesteryear, that are somehow fresh again. Keep them for another 20 years, and you can hit the fashion cycle in its Influential stage again!

We’ll also have classic items from every decade from the past 100 years – all wearable, stylish (not just fashionable) and in the best condition one could hope to find them in.

Please do come to see us at the show!

Ian Drummond Collection Bill Blass Dress Ian Drummond Collection Chinese Silk Robe and Drawstring Pants


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