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The Studio

Ian Drummond Collection Inc. is a Toronto, Canada-based production-friendly world-class wardrobe rental studio able to provide top-to-toe costuming for cast and background performers, and will ship worldwide with accurate paperwork a quick turnaround.

Ian’s 30+ years in working with vintage clothing and 20 years experience as a resource for the film industry means that the studio’s rental system is designed to offer costume designers and stylists a wearable and screen-ready collection in a comfortable, clean, organized and climate controlled environment, with easy-to-understand paperwork for accounting purposes and a friendly, efficient staff.

His knowledge of what works in the industry is unsurpassed. His personal experience in other rental houses and as an Assistant Costume Designer and Background Coordinator is apparent in every aspect of the business. Ian and his staff are understanding of the pressure that designers, stylists and industry professionals are under, and take pride in being available, responsive and flexible to their needs.

For those sourcing in Toronto, the 10,000 square foot studio is essentially a hybrid between a store and a warehouse, with each aisle individually lit and the clothing under drops sheets for protection from fading and dust. Over 30,000 pieces of clothing have been entered into a computerized numerical inventory system. Each garment is individually labeled and includes the gender, decade and size making it easier for costume coordinators to organize their rental stock.

Ian’s work as an Assistant Costume Designer and Background Coordinator allows the studio to pull confidently for a production with accurate, well-chosen and top-quality results. The staff can provide clean, crisp images with all the information needed to work with the Ian Drummond Collection from across the world. The studio’s experience with providing this service guarantees a smooth transaction.

The Ian Drummond Collection Inc.’s movie and TV wardrobe rental studio is open to Industry Professionals from 9-5 Monday through Friday, or by appointment.

Hours:  Monday to Friday 9-5pm or by Appointment

222 Islington Avenue, Unit 8
Toronto, Ontario, M8V 3W7

Telephone: 416.531.2591
Fax: 416.531.1969


Photo: Nick Kozak for The Toronto Star

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