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We’ve noticed during these past few Autumn-like days (fine, weeks) that our Etsy shop Ian Drummond Stash has had increasing traffic from those who participate in indoor winter sports. But, you know, our kind of sports: sewing, dressmaking, quilting and crafting.

Today we were eyeing  the towering racks stocking our laces, bibs and bobs and bits and pieces that are due to hit the shop this winter from one massive collection we absorbed, and we sighed. They look like snowfakes, and we’re not ready.

We realized that the best way to extend the feel of summer is to look at cheery cottons and flowered prints, and novelty prints evoking the Casbah. So this week we’ll behave, complete our film work like good studio employees, and treat ourselves to getting these vintage fabrics and materials listed.

Ian drummond Collection IDC Vintage Ian Drummond Stash store stock for Etsy 1930s - 1950s printed fabric remnants, material and yardage
Ian Drummond Stash Etsy store stock for Fall 2014

And while the weather may be chilly, our hearts are warmed by this enlightening post by the Kindness Blog: Flower Sack Dresses from the Flour Mills.  We have a good stock of such fabric in the Stash shop, and it’s always a little thrill when some flour/feed sack prints turn up in the period clothing for our movie wardrobe rental stock.

Parures and Demi-Parures for Our Rental Collection

Ian had the great fortune (and we’ll say it ourselves – good eye) this past weekend at the Toronto Vintage Clothing Show to acquire more than a few gorgeous sets of costume jewellery that are now fantastic additions to our movie and television wardrobe rental collection. Dropping names such as Hattie Carnegie, Hobé, Trifari and DeMario is hard to resist, even if the signatures themselves can’t be seen on screen. Parures and demi-parures are one of the best ways to complete a “look” – and we’re always on the lookout for more. Ian Drummond Collection Toronto Vintage Clothing Show Sterling Peace Pin

Ian Drummond Collection IDC Vintage Toronto Movie Wardrobe Rental jewellery sets collection

IDC at the CAFTCAD Movie Wardrobe Sale, Sat. Oct. 17

Saturday, October 17 1015 –  CAFTCAD Movie Wardrobe Sale
9 am to 5 pm  Pinewood Studios, 225 Commissioners Street  Entrance fee is $5. Parking is free.

As one can see from past events, this is the most affordable, most interesting and varied vintage clothing sale in Toronto. We enjoy it thoroughly, and use this opportunity to clear linear feet of clothing from our racks. We need the space! Of course we bring amazing, fun, high-end items – but we also bring many many many items in the $2-$20 range because we’d just plain like to turn it all over.  Come ready to try on and get your buy on!

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 11.35.48 AM
Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 11.28.16 AM

Kid Stuff

We also have a wide assortment of children’s items in the collection.  And this has to be the sweetest and most glorious 1970s child’s polyester tee shirt that we ever did see.


The Studio

Ian Drummond Collection Inc. is a Toronto, Canada-based production-friendly world-class wardrobe rental studio able to provide top-to-toe costuming for cast and background performers, and will ship worldwide with accurate paperwork a quick turnaround.

Ian’s 30+ years in working with vintage clothing and 20 years experience as a resource for the film industry means that the studio’s rental system is designed to offer costume designers and stylists a wearable and screen-ready collection in a comfortable, clean, organized and climate controlled environment, with easy-to-understand paperwork for accounting purposes and a friendly, efficient staff.

His knowledge of what works in the industry is unsurpassed. His personal experience in other rental houses and as an Assistant Costume Designer and Background Coordinator is apparent in every aspect of the business. Ian and his staff are understanding of the pressure that designers, stylists and industry professionals are under, and take pride in being available, responsive and flexible to their needs.

For those sourcing in Toronto, the 10,000 square foot studio is essentially a hybrid between a store and a warehouse, with each aisle individually lit and the clothing under drops sheets for protection from fading and dust. Over 30,000 pieces of clothing have been entered into a computerized numerical inventory system. Each garment is individually labeled and includes the gender, decade and size making it easier for costume coordinators to organize their rental stock.

Ian’s work as an Assistant Costume Designer and Background Coordinator allows the studio to pull confidently for a production with accurate, well-chosen and top-quality results. The staff can provide clean, crisp images with all the information needed to work with the Ian Drummond Collection from across the world. The studio’s experience with providing this service guarantees a smooth transaction.

The Ian Drummond Collection Inc.’s movie and TV wardrobe rental studio is open to Industry Professionals from 9-5 Monday through Friday, or by appointment.

We sell to the public at special events, please see our Upcoming Shows page, and  to the trade by appointment.

Hours:  Monday to Friday 9-5pm or by Appointment

222 Islington Avenue, Unit 8
Toronto, Ontario, M8V 3W7

Telephone: 416.531.2591
Fax: 416.531.1969



Photo: Nick Kozak for The Toronto Star

The Collection

It’s SO organized! How do you do it?”  Is the compliment of many first time visitors.

It has always been Ian’s goal to provide costume designers and stylists with a comfortable, clean, organized and climate controlled environment, essentially a hybrid cross between a store and a warehouse. Each aisle is individually lit and all the clothing is kept under drops sheets to protect them from fading and dust

The stock has been organized by gender and decade. To date we have entered over 16,000 pieces of clothing into a computerized numerical inventory system. Each garment is individually labeled, usually in a visible place and includes the gender, decade and size making it easier for costumers and coordinators to organize their rental stock.

The Ian Drummond Collection is located in the Fashion district in Toronto

Hours: Monday to Friday 9-5pm or by Appointment.

Each aisle is individually lit and all the clothing is kept under drop sheets to protect it from fading and dust.


Top Photo: Nick Kozak for The Toronto Star

Upcoming Vintage Sales

Ian Drummond Collection Inc. is housed in a 10,000 square foot working studio open 9-5 or by appointment to industry professionals. We offer items primarily for rental to Film, Television and Theatre – but we have to let go of items that don’t work for rental stock.

Ian will sometimes buy entire collections for just the few pieces that we need!  We always have clothing and accessories available through our three Etsy stores: Feminine fans will enjoy Ian Drummond Vintage; IDCMasculine is stocked with handsome items; Ian Drummond Stash stocks fabric, trims, buttons, distressed vintage and other items for crafting, working, sewing or the home.

IDCMasculineIan Drummond Stash(1)

We also regularly participate in shows such as CAFTCAD’s Movie Wardrobe Sales, the Toronto Vintage Clothing Show, and the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show, plus others as we’re invited.  We’ll always offer updates on Facebook, and occasionally offer special items for sale via Instagram.

Coming up next is the CAFTCAD Movie Wardrobe Sale  where we do our best to clear linear feet and sell our collective weight in items that need to go in order to make room for more working stock.

Next up we have the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show 

(Sunday November 12, 2017 10am-5pm).

Located in  The Fieldhouse at Carleton University, 85 University Road (Bronson Ave. & Sunnyside Ave.) with $5 all-day parking.


Top Photo: Nick Kozak for The Toronto Star









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