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Ebb and Flow


While some productions are wrapping, others are gearing up. While we can’t name names, we CAN mention that we’re working with some exciting productions that are taking IDC’s items around the world, and back in time.

It’s always a thrill when our items grow wings. 

An ECrate in the IDC studio

Sunday November 6, 2016 – the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show


It’s nearly time for  Ian’s last big show of the year: the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show. Here is where items that don’t work for our film and television rental stock go so that they can work for you!

The event page is here, for updates and reminders.

But the show page is always active, so you can stay tuned all year. DO be sure to click through to find how to get discounted admission.

As a longstanding participant, Ian has been glad to lend his voice to promotions, so you can put a face to the name by looking at their media page   (and say hello when you see him!)


IDC in the RHPS

We are trembling with antici………………..…………pation. The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do the Time Warp Again airs tonight (Thursday, October 20, 1016) at 8pm on Fox. We couldn’t be more proud that it was an Ian Drummond Collection sweater on Tim Curry as the Criminologist. Congrats to everyone who worked so hard on it, and thanks for using IDC! (See our vintage looks in the wedding scene too!)


The Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show, Fall 2016


There’s only ONE vintage clothing show left for us this season, and it’s the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show


Sunday November 6, 2016
10am-5pm (Tickets go on sale at 9:30am sharp)
Admission: $10 Under 12 free


The Shaw Centre (Convention Centre)
55 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, ON K1N 9J2

Ian Drummond Collection Outfits Coming to the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show

Of course we’re already planning our show – we’re keeners like that. Stay tuned for updates as we fill our racks, and don’t forget to follow us @iandrummondcollection on Instagram!

Why don’t you check out the Event Page!




IDC – A Studio Without Shadows


We have a soft spot in our hearts here at Ian Drummond Collection for Maudie – currently getting some nice buzz in the Toronto Star during TIFF.  We were happy to provide our own bits of colour to this charming movie, from period umbrellas to printed period dresses, elegant outfits,  character shoes and cosy sweaters – and many of the gents’ suits as well.

The palette was wonderful, and it was cheering to handle such sweet items on cold fall days.




When we got the call that umbrellas were needed, we worked to snap our whole collection from every angle, and it’s now available on Pinterest. The designer was able to make choices, and off they went.



And then, when it was time for Nik Sexton to fly out for his role as Steven the CBC Reporter, we were able to pull a few looks for him, get him fit, and send him on his way with his wardrobe.


We’re looking forward to catching Maudie down the road  – it’s just a little funny that we’re so busy working on other productions that we can’t really get out to enjoy TIFF ourselves!

It’s time for the Fall Christie Antique & Vintage Show!

It’s time for the Christie Antique & Vintage Show THIS COMING SATURDAY! Ian himself will be presiding over his usual booth, Z40, in the Pavillion (near the restrooms, food and bank machine – it’s so perfect.) Why not come see what he’s got as part of the IDC “Catch and Release Program”? And if you have vintage clothing and accessories that would work for the studio collection, why not chat him up there?

(More information at the Christie website.)

IDC instagram image Christie Is.

New to Stock – Period Boots and Shoes at IDC

We’re so happy to have good stock in these styles for rental to film and television productions. They’re a nice alternative to the Stacey Adams granny boots – which we also have a great supply of – but we like to be excellent at what we do, not merely great.


Ian Drummond Collection has good stock in various sizes of these period-style boots and shoes.
Ian Drummond Collection has good stock in various sizes of these period-style boots and shoes.

We Spy with Our Little Eyes, IDC’s Scarf on Katie Holmes as Jackie Kennedy in After Camelot!

Of course we love seeing Ian Drummond Collection wardrobe rental items in action when the projects finally air – but when Entertainment Tonight and In Style pick up on how well the designers are doing when it comes to turning Katie Holmes into Jackie Kennedy during the process of filming, we’re especially thrilled for them.

Nearly every day we get to see how hard the wardrobe department is working, and we love the challenge of helping them to tick their boxes.

Last week Thursday, on a hot spring day when finding a vintage mohair scarf anywhere else in town on short notice was an impossible feat, IDC was able to provide – even if that means it came straight out of a staff member’s personal collection (which had just been carefully packed away for the season the weekend before.)

THAT’S how much Ian and the staff at IDC care about the fantastic designers that come into the studio and the lengths we’ll go to – we’re grateful to be a part of such notable projects!

IDC Blue Scarf Katie Holmes as Jackie Kennedy in After CamelotCollage




Shoe Monday!

Shoe Monday! Ian is caught putting away the baskets and baskets of shoes that recently returned from their rental to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Did we just read there'll be two more movies in the series? We'll be ready!
Shoe Monday! Ian is caught putting away the baskets and baskets of shoes that recently returned from their rental to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Did we just read there’ll be two more movies in the series? We’ll be ready!



Born to be Blue

Out in theatres this weekend, Born to be Blue is getting good buzz and great reviews. We thoroughly enjoyed having Anne Dixon pull from us – her choices are interesting and thoughtful, and we are always eager to see how it all gets put together. It’s always an honour to be able to help her. We can’t wait to play “Spot IDC’s Clothing” when we see the movie!

Born to be Blue movie poster