Local Toronto Retail

Ian Drummond Collection Inc. is housed in a 10,000 square foot working studio open 9-5 or by appointment to industry professionals. We offer items primarily for rental to Film, Television and Theatre – but we have to let go of items that don’t work for rental stock.

Ian will sometimes buy entire collections for just the few pieces that we need!  We always have clothing and accessories available through our three Etsy stores: Feminine fans will enjoy Ian Drummond Vintage; IDCMasculine is stocked with handsome items; Ian Drummond Stash stocks fabric, trims, buttons, distressed vintage and other items for crafting, working, sewing or the home.

IDCMasculineIan Drummond Stash(1)

We also regularly participate in shows such as CAFTCAD’s Movie Wardrobe Sales, the Toronto Vintage Clothing Show, and the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show, plus others as we’re invited.  We’ll always offer updates on Facebook, and occasionally offer special items for sale via Instagram.

We’re sharing space with the lovely Shoppe and Tailor – where one can have our fantastic vintage clothing perfectly tailored (just like all the movie stars do!) or altered for a more modern lifestyle and relevance in a contemporary setting.

Look for frequently rotating stock that’s suitable for happy occasions; statement pieces for making an entrance; or items perfect for turning heads with your street style. Make something  your own by turning that dress into a cropped top and skirt, or by hemming up those wide-legged pants for this season’s silhouette!

We can also offer local pickup on any of our Etsy items thanks to their generous hours, by special arrangement. Be sure to check our shops IDC Masculine, Ian Drummond Vintage and Ian Drummond Stash, and choose the local pickup option when you make your purchase.




Vintage Clothing, Footwear, Jewelry and Accessories from the 1890s-1990s for Film, Television and Media rental to Industry Professionals